Rocket Spanish Scam?

A lot of people worry that Rocket Spanish is a scam. Here are some facts

1) Founded in 2004

2) In 2008, Rocket Languages was, for the first time, included in this index and recognized for being among the Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies

3) Rocket Languages is a proud member of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)

4) Rocket Languages is also a proud member of the American Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand

5) Rocket Languages enjoys all the benefits of being a member of their local chamber of commerce.


Rocket Spanish: Why Many People Find It worth Their Time and Financial Sacrifice

rocketSpanish_Cover-187x300Learning of Spanish either for business or just social communication has been the desire of many people. While there are so many avenues that are available to learn the language including brick and mortar class room and online classes, Rocket Spanish has introduced a unique way of learning the language. Through this software, people have moved from one level to another in fluency and learning of Spanish grammar. It comes with a host of features that endear it to its students which combined make the learning of Spanish easy and affordable. Among the leading features in this software include the learning levels and the games. It also has other additional features that come with the software.

Student Learning Levels

Rocket Spanish derives its uniqueness from the fact that it is organized into learning levels. These levels basically refer to the knowledge bases of those taking the Spanish classes. Structurally, the software has been built to teach student at three different leaning levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced students. This answers the question; Is Rocket Spanish good?

The designer of the course known as Mauricio has a special advice targeted at beginners where he advises them to take the Mega Verbs game last on their course because it exposes the beginners to many different verbs that can easily confuse them and in addition stressing them out unnecessarily. To avoid stress which does not go well with the learning process, beginners are asked to concentrate on the basic and recommended areas of study.  Learning of Spanish needs concentration and quality time but that is not all; a little fun is good too. This is precisely why Mauricio has added some little bit of fun into the course design.

Games on the Rocket Spanish

Work without play makes jack a dull boy. This mantra holds true even in rocket Spanish. In a bid to make the learning of Spanish fun and enjoyable, the author of the software decided to put in some games. The games present in the software are three; Mega Verbs, Mega Vocab and Mega audio. Each game in addition to the fun that it brings along is geared towards the achieving of a specific purpose. The names have been customized to denote the area each of the games cover.

The Mega Vocab covers many vocabularies; over one thousand in number. It has also been structured such that you can add your own to the list of vocabulary words at any time. Mega audio on the other hand capitalizes on sound where you hear some Spanish audio files then you see a number of pictures that goes along with it. The point of the game is for you to match the picture and the audio file you have heard. The Mega Verb game is considered the hardest and basically it brings out the verbs and their respective tenses. This is the most crucial game if you have to become fluent in Spanish. You conjugate verbs into the correct tense and depending on your accuracy, you get credit for it. With this game, you can compete against yourself in a self test format or compete against your friends.

Other Additional Features

In addition to the two features, this game also comes with a great customer support system where your queries and questions are addressed. The support is by both email and phone. A typical response from the support team takes 24 hours or even more depending on the queue.

You can also chose the product format when you have the option of purchasing either the downloadable or hardcopy format. They vary in price with of course the hard copy format slightly expensive.

The popularity that this software has enjoyed is partially explained by the ease of use and how extensive it covers the learning of Spanish. It is an outright competitor to brick and mortar classes.





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“After only 5 weeks, I am amazed at how much I have retained.”  – Jim Rigdon, Mission Trip, Mexico

“I transferred all the lesson files to my MP3 player, plugged an adapter into my car radio and listened everyday on my way to and from school – I was hooked.” – Kris Hancock , WI, U.S.A

“I own a business in Mexico I started it a year ago…. I think Rocket Spanish is by far the best product out there -it is enjoyable to listen to and easy to follow.” – Karen Russo, CT. U.S.A

“I’ve used *competitor* and tried out *competitor*, and many others… but since using Rocket Spanish I have improved in my recognition of words and phrases.” – Daniel Garcia, U.S.A

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Money Back Guarantee

Rocket Languages is one of the very few companies to offer a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. Their guarantee is backed up by which is one of the largest retailer of digital products over internet.


What this guarantee effectively means is that you can try out Rocket Spanish without risking too much. You can get to try out Rocket Spanish program and review it to see if it works for you. On the contrary this program will not let you down and this 60 days will still come of as a learning face for you, If it doesn’t then you can always opt back for a refund and get your money back.

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Timely Support

Rocket Languages has always ensured timely support and quick response. We are aware of the fact that timely support is a major criteria in today’s hyper-paced world, and so we tested that their team meet the dead lines set by test clients.


If you are searching for a language education company that can optimize your invested money and provide you best support with maximum efficiency, then rocket languages is the right company! Rocket Spanish gave timely services and support to our test clients and maintained a professional approach in all their communication.

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